Axsium Workforce Dimensions Journey

Take the first step of your Kronos Workforce Dimensions journey and know that you don’t have to travel alone. Axsium is here to guide you with specialized Kronos services to help you plan and deploy your transition from Workforce Central to Workforce Dimensions.

Time to get ready for Workforce Dimensions? 

Workforce Dimensions is the next generation workforce management (WFM) solution from Kronos. Built atop the latest cloud-computing technology, Workforce Dimensions offers an innovative platform-independent user interface, embedded analytics and artificial intelligence. The big question is “when are you going to migrate to Workforce Dimensions – and will you be ready?”

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How can we help you with your Workforce Dimensions transition? 

We would love to know where you are in your Workforce Dimensions journey. Please take our survey and we'll help you stay on track.


Workforce Dimensions Roadmap by Axsium

What do I get with a Workforce Dimensions Roadmap by Axsium? You get a structured, fixed-price, two-week engagement that itemizes opportunities, values and priorities required for your specific environment. We will:

  • Assess your current Workforce Central modules and compare/contrast each to those of Workforce Dimensions
  • Build out a migration business case that defines a technical design and execution plan that shows the benefits and implications of moving to Workforce Dimensions

Axsium has what you need to execute on the roadmap. Contact us to find out more.

Migrate to Kronos Dimensions: Now or Later?

Discover a path to Dimensions migration and what to do with your current solution in the meantime in our blog post.